Xtreme White - Hurlford Horse

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Hurlford Horse Xtreme White is a brilliant white non greasy leg, sock whitening powder or can be made into a paste for socks and blazes with built in UV protection.

Either use as a powder or add water and use as a paste.

Wash socks before applying use as either paste or powder.

Directions for use:

  • As a powder - allow socks to dry thoroughly before applying, apply day of the competition.
  • As a paste- in a separate container add powder and water to make a paste, brush on sock and bandage sock overnight, day of competition remove bandage and brush off excess , apply a little more powder if desired.
  • Or brush on as a powder on wet socks and allow to dry, brush lightly once dry.

Available in 250gr and 500gr pales

Topical used only 



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