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Duwell Happy Tumm Super Conditioner

Duwell Happy Tumm Super Conditioner

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To support gut health, body condition, feed utilization and enhanced mineral uptake.  

Now with chelated copper and zinc for even better health!  
No fillers. Concentrated for maximum value and effectiveness.

Concentrated seaweed bio-stimulant extract

Made from 100% wild-harvested New Zealand seaweed combind with an earth based pre & probiotic liquid, using cool temperature extraction process for maximum bio-activity. Our clean oceans ensure a high quality product free from pollutants and heavy metal contamination.


Dosage (per day)

For horses with a poor coat or those underweight:- 
100mmls for 5 days then reduce to 80mls for next 5 days then reduce to maintenance amount 

Ingredients per 40mls

Elemental Levels per 40mls
Copper      -      50.16mg
Zinc           -     221mg

Contains 60 plus naturally occurring minerals including calcium, carbon, oxygen, magnesium and sodium.

 Does not contain selenium.

Warning – Copper can be toxic if fed in excess. It is important to correctly assess levels in the overall diet to avoid toxicity. Feed only as directed. If symptoms worsen or persist contact your equine health professional.  

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