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Digestive RP

Digestive RP

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Digestive RP is a total tract equine gut supplement, designed to meet the needs of high performance sport horses and racehorses. Digestive RP provides increased support for your horse's gut health and essential digestive and immune functions, with extra postbiotics and enzymes to enhance digestion efficacy, and additional amino acids for additional muscle repair and gut support.

This premium equine gut health product offers performance horses even more than Digestive EQ, with the benefits of:

  • extra digestive enzymes for improved digestion and nutrient uptake,
  • dual action stomach pH buffering with red marine algae and magnesium hydroxide,
  • prebiotics plus a higher level of post biotics for extra gut protection and repair,
  • five amino acids for stomach health and cell repair,
  • an updated magnesium to calcium ratio to ensure optimum absorption and metabolization levels.

The gut of high performance sport horses and racehorses is often put under a lot of pressure, with more challenging environments, higher workloads, more 'stress' events, and higher grain levels in their feed regimes. These conditions create challenges we need to manage well, in order for a horse to maintain healthy gut function, and be able to race or perform at its best.

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