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Benchmark Micronized Lupins

Benchmark Micronized Lupins

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Highly digestible, high protein and fibre topper for any equine diet.

  • Low starch and sugar
  • High in dietary fibre
  • Valuable source of essential amino acids

Lupins are a valuable source of protein and fibre that can enhance a horse’s daily ration. Low in starch and sugar, Benchmark Micronized Lupins are best fed in conjunction with a balanced ration to boost protein and energy levels and to help support all bodily functions, including muscle development, topline and recovery after strenuous exercise.

Protein measurement tips.

Protein content on feed bags is usually displayed as a percentage per kg of feed.

Benchmark Micronized Lupins contain 33% protein.

A useful way to interpret this value is to treat the percentage number as grams per kg. In this instance 33% means that there are 333gms of protein in every kilogram of Benchmark Micronized Lupins, or 33gms in every 100gms.

Therefore, if you add 400gms of Benchmark Micronized Lupin Topper to a ration it will contribute 132gms (33 x 4) of protein.

Nutrient Analysis (as fed)

Energy DE MJ/kg 12.4
Crude Protein % 33 (330gms per kg)
Fat % 5.2
Crude Fibre (CF) % 14.3
Starch % 1
Sugars (WSC) % 7


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