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Foxwood Equestrian

Licorice Powder -1kg

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 Also helpful  in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions including itch, coughs and colds. 

Helpful  for treating allergic respiratory problems and heaves.

One of the main constituents glycrrhizin encourages healing of gut ulceration, but because Licorice is also laxative and horses with this problem usually have very loose manure.

Licorice has an oestrogenic activity and has been used to improve fertility in female animals; it is therefore advisable to avoid its use during pregnancy.

Licorice also has application in the treatment of adrenal exhaustion and in removing adhesions after foaling or surgery.

Licorice is a very potent herb that should not be given to a horse for more than 3 months continuously, as it can alter your horse's body and cause water retention.



Some herbs are banned substances in competition, please check with your respective organisation for a current list of prohibited substances and withholding periods. 

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